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Termite control

Termite control

For a long time, termites have been considered the most harmful insects for human property. Every day, every hour, they constantly invade and destroy architectural, economic and cultural works in all provinces and cities across the country. Many projects with cultural, economic and spiritual values have been attacked by termites. The breakdown of the Tay Nguyen dam (Nghe An) due to the chisel or Hoi An ancient town, although it has been rehabilitated many times, still has to cope with the risk of collapse due to the destruction of the trusses, the bearing column ... Typical examples. Even cement and concrete constructions do not avoid termites: they can completely follow the crack of attack techniques on your construction! The effect of termites is very big!

However, in fact, the presence of termites in houses, offices, resorts ... is very difficult to detect. Usually when the construction shows signs of collapse, subsidence, damage, the details of the attack will be revealed. It was too late, your property was compromised!

Besides, with a hot and humid climate, a lot of rain and rich vegetation is a plentiful source of food for termites, this small creature is constantly growing and growing strongly in Vietnam. Currently, in our country, hundreds of termites have been found with very different characteristics and habits. The abundance of species and the "sensitivity" to nature's changes (temperature, pressure, light ...) make root control more difficult than ever(click to learn more about termites)

Understanding the complexity and importance of this work, for many years, PestMantermite control service has accompanied thousands of projects across the country. With a team of experienced staff, knowledgeable about the biology and customs of different types of products, PestMan has succeeded in applying both traditional and modern technologies to bring to customers. the most optimal results:

-   Handling termites for construction after construction 

-  Handling termites for previous construction projects

Especially, since 2012 PestMan has successfully put into use two new American termite control and prevention technologies, most advanced and most safe for the environment, people and pets.:

-  Exterra termite trap and blocking system

-  Novithor non-chemical termite blocking system

Sign up for PestMan termite control service package, our technical staff will conduct a survey of all areas and make the most suitable implementation plan with specific space and individual requirements to limit to minimize the effects on people, your activities and your business. At the same time, you will also be consulted, followed up regularly to prevent your termite solution from promoting maximum efficiency.


Come to PestMan to make your property absolutely safe from the threat of termites!  



HCM Branch's  Sales Department

Nguyen Thi Cam Nhien (Ms)

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